Is It Normal To Need A Podiatrist In Bonita Springs FL?

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Health

Actually, it does not matter where you live; there is nothing abnormal about seeing a Podiatrist In Bonita Springs, FL or anywhere else in the world where you might find a practicing podiatrist. The design of our human anatomy is such that it is normal for our bodies to be supported on two legs which, in turn, each have an extension below the knee that culminates in our ankles before becoming the horizontal foot portion.

Doctor Of Podiatric Medicine (DPM)

It is also a fact of human life that, as perfect as our anatomy may have been designed by nature and evolution, things can (and do) go wrong with our bodies. Inherent, genetic weaknesses; illness or disease and, of course accidental damage – any of these could happen and they could happen in the vicinity of our feet, ankles or lower extremities. If (or when) any of this should happen to us in Bonita Springs; that is when we will need to seek advice and treatment from a Podiatrist in Bonita Springs, FL. Kelly Malinoski, DPM is a fully qualified medical doctor (physician or surgeon) who has undergone additional education and training relating specifically to these parts of our anatomy.

What Is A Foot?

It is much more than a support pad for our bodies; it is a marvellously complex example of natural engineering. Each foot contains many tendons to be used as natural “control wires” that harness the power of 19 muscles to instigate movement in the 33 joints found in a human foot. All of this is housed within the flesh that is supported by a structure comprising 28 bones.

Ultimate control of the mechanism resides in our heads where the brain sends and receives electrical signals throughout nervous system. We decide that we are going to stand up and walk out of a room; the brain sends that signal to our legs and feet and we start to move. But like any other finely tuned machine, this can all break down; become damaged or malfunction and it is to a Podiatrist in Bonita Springs, FL that we turn to in order to be “fixed up”.

Is Our DPM Also A Chiropodist?

At one time, the terms podiatrist and chiropodist were basically interchangeable since both specialize in treating people’s feet. However, these days, most chiropodists deal with the more cosmetic aspects of foot care from toe nail cutting (pedicure) to removal of calluses of dead skin; corns; bunions or verrucas. The fully qualified medical doctor or surgeon will enter the picture as the problem becomes more serious.

Whenever you need to see a fully qualified Podiatrist ior Bonita Springs, FL, you should contact the Kelly Malinoski, DPM. Their full details can be found online at

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