What Causes Neck Pain?

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Pain Management Physician

When you suffer from neck pain in Jacksonville, Fla., it is essential to seek medical attention. Problems with your neck can occur from a whiplash injury during a vehicular collision, or you might have arthritis in the joints of your neck. When you have discomfort in your neck, the pain from this problem can also radiate into your back, shoulders and arms, making your daily living difficult. In addition, you may experience horrible headaches, and it is nearly impossible to sleep when your neck is stiff.

Specialized Medical Care

If your pain persists, then you should have specialized treatment for neck pain in Jacksonville. The area around the neck is complex with numerous nerves, muscles and tendons in addition to delicate vertebrae. A physician can examine your neck along with taking X-rays to see why you are having problems. You may have a bone spur on a bone in your neck, or alternatively, you may have ruptured a disk in your neck. After understanding why you have discomfort in your neck, a physician can plan the appropriate therapy or surgery to repair the problem.

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You may need to perform certain exercises to relieve neck pain in Jacksonville, and a physician can show you how to rotate your head slowly to help the muscles adjust. At home, you can continue your physical therapy by bending your head back and forth to each shoulder. When physical therapy doesn’t help you overcome neck problems, you may need surgery to repair a disk or to remove a bone spur. After surgery, you will require more treatments for discomfort during the recovery process. To learn more about overcoming neck problems, you can visit our Riverside Pain Physicians, or you can contact us at our website located at Sitename.

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