How Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment Can Effectively Treat Sciatica Pain

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Pain Management Physician

It is never easy for someone that is suffering from sciatica, it can be challenging to deal with and disrupt the person’s life. From excruciating pain to difficulty moving, the pressure placed on the nerves can make completing the simplest task difficult. There are various reasons a person may experience pain in their sciatica nerve such as improper posture, the spinal cord narrowing, a slipped disc, or a pinched nerve. With so many factors that can contribute to pain in the sciatica nerve, it is important to be adequately diagnosed to discover the root of the problem and develop an effective plan for sciatica pain treatment in Toronto, ON.

Types of Treatment Available for Sciatica Pain

  • Acupuncture can be used to place pressure on the affected area to increase energy flow that will help relieve the pain the person is experiencing.
  • A nutritional diet that helps promote weight loss and provides the nutrients required to improve their health.
  • Herbal medicines that can treat the inflammation of the nerve, alleviate pain without the same side-effects of traditional medications.
  • Exercises techniques to strengthen the muscles in the back and prevent pressure from being placed on the sciatica nerve.
  • Massage therapy is an effective sciatica pain treatment in Toronto, ON that can manipulate the muscles and nerves in the body to reduce the risk of the nerve being pinched.

Obtain a Pain-Free Life by Scheduling an Appointment with a Skilled Practitioner

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