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FAQs About Male To Female Transgender Services In Allentown

In Pennsylvania, cosmetic surgeries provide individuals with the opportunity to become who they really are. Through gender reassignment surgery, they can acquire permanent changes to emulate their gender identity. The following are FAQs about male to female transgender services in Allentown.

What is Vaginoplasty Surgery?

It is a cosmetic procedure used most often for strengthening the muscles after childbirth and to correct defects. It is also used for gender reassignment surgeries. The process involves the removal of tissue and reconstruction performed via the use of grafts.

How Long Does It Take to Recover?

Most patients recover fully after twelve days. However, surgeons recommend that patients refrain from returning to work for at least one month. They must refrain from exercise for at least six weeks based on any complications experienced during or after the procedure.

Are There Any Additional Requirements After the Surgery?

Yes, the patient must complete a dilation schedule. For the first three weeks, the patient should perform the dilation at least four times each day. For the fourth through the sixth week, they should dilate three times each day. This schedule tapers offer until the patient is dilating at least twice each week. The surgeon will provide the device needed to complete this process.

Do the Scars Associated with the Surgery Disappear?

No, they are permanent. However, they will become flatter and less noticeable after one year. They may also remain tender, and patients may experience some discomfort for the first six months after the procedure.

What Medications Should Patients Avoid Before the Surgery?

Any blood-thinning medications or aspirin should be avoided prior to the surgery. They cannot take any anti-inflammatory drugs as they could lead to complications. The use of any antidepressants or dietary supplements should be suspended at least a day or two before the surgery as well.

In Pennsylvania, cosmetic surgeons provide invaluable services to accommodate gender-related changes. They provide a variety of surgeries to accomplish the patient’s overall goals. This includes reconstruction of sex organs as well as breast augmentation. Patients who need Transgender Services in Allentown click here for more details or to schedule an appointment with a surgeon today.

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