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Who Can Benefit From Reproductive Surgery in San Antonio, TX?

For couples wishing to conceive, fertility challenges can be a nightmare. Visiting a fertility clinic to evaluate their underlying cause is always an appropriate first step, but sometimes non-invasive therapeutic treatments just aren’t enough. In select circumstances, there may be a need for reproductive surgery in San Antonio TX. In that case, couples wanting to conceive will be happy to have done their homework in finding a clinic that can provide these specialized procedures.

The most common form of reproductive surgery for women is used for the treatment of fallopian tube obstruction. This frequent cause of female infertility prevents the ovum from reaching the sperm by blocking the fallopian tubes. In most cases, this condition is caused by localized infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease and intraabdominal infections. Functioning can be restored to the fallopian tubes via one of the several surgical interventions known, as a group, as tuboplasty. During this procedure, a surgeon will remove any adhesion or blocked sections of the tube if necessary. The prevalence of reproductive surgery in women has decreased over recent years due to advances in alternative technologies, but surgical intervention is still a preferred treatment for solving tubal infertility issues.

In men, the most common surgical procedures related to reproduction are the treatment of vans deferens obstruction and reverse vasectomies. Although vasectomy reversal procedures are not a guaranteed means of restoring fertility, recent advances in microsurgical technique have greatly increased its success rates. Both reverse vasectomies and treatment to remove blockages from the vans deferens involve assessing and removing any blockages and reconnecting the two pieces of the vans deferens. This surgical procedure is known as vasovasostomy.

In addition to these more common procedures, a surgeon specializing in fertility will also occasionally perform a surgical sperm retrieval. This is only appropriate in circumstances where more conventional means of collecting sperm are not possible.

Those who are unsure as to whether or not their infertility will require reproductive surgery in San Antonio TX may want to consider visiting a fertility clinic that offers surgical interventions to prevent the further stress of finding new doctors and transferring relevant medical documents. Request an appointment today to begin the diagnostic process and discuss reproductive surgery and its alternatives.

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