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Enhancing the Patient Experience by Using Handheld Ultrasound Devices

If you’ve ever needed to have an ultrasound performed, then you know that a large machine is typically used that has a screen and a keyboard. A wand is used as well that results in images that are seen on the screen. A portable ultrasound is a bit easier to manage and offers a few other benefits for providers and patients.

Faster Results

Instead of going to another room of the hospital or the doctor’s office, a handheld ultrasound device can be brought to your room by the technician. This means that the results can usually be seen much faster, speeding up the treatment for any issues that are present as well.

More Patients

By using a handheld ultrasound device, doctors and nurses don’t have to take a large machine to each patient. Instead, the smaller size of the device allows for seeing more patients in a shorter amount of time since there isn’t as much equipment that needs to be moved. This also means that patients won’t need to sit and wait in rooms or in a waiting area if they are in pain or need to be treated right away for a medical issue.


When a handheld device is used instead of a large machine, it often allows for more patient interaction. Patients can then better address health issues and questions that they might have while doctors and nurses can offer more information while performing the scan. Because of the increased interaction, patients can sometimes feel as though they care for a bit more than if they are simply passed on from one to another.

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