Facial Masculinization Surgery in Plano, TX, to Complete the Transformation

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Transgender Surgeons

Many women who become men through transgender surgery do not need to change their facial structure to complete the transition. Others, however, realize their face looks too feminine for the transformation to be completely believable. Facial masculinization surgery is available from plastic surgeons at certain hospitals so transgender men can be fully satisfied with their appearance.

Examples of Masculine Facial Features

The average person may find it difficult to describe what makes a face look masculine as compared to feminine. Nevertheless, those characteristics are intuitively recognizable. Examples of masculine facial features include a stronger jawline, including the chin. Sculpting a chin with a crease or a dimple might be desirable since it is significantly less common for women to have these features. In addition, those features in women tend to be much less prominent.

The cheekbones can be made angular during facial masculinization surgery, as that is a male characteristic. Most women’s facial structure makes the cheekbones look smoother. Certain nose shapes look more feminine and more masculine. In fact, in studies where models attempt to conceal their gender, participants can raise the guessing success rate by evaluating the noses. For this reason, the facial operation may include a procedure to make the nose less feminine in appearance.

Looking Authentically Male

Although transitioning is an exciting and happy time for patients, they may require cosmetic changes to the face to look authentically male. The process can be completed at International Center for Transgender Care, which provides detailed information at http://thetranscenter.com/.

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