Elder Care Services in Sarasota FL Provide Much-Needed Support for Family Caregivers

by | May 4, 2018 | Healthcare

Elder Care Services in Philadelphia PA help out when family caregivers become overwhelmed with everything they have to do. Although any disability of an elderly parent can be stressful for the adult children, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can be particularly troubling.

Negative Effects of Family Caregiving

Research has found that family caregivers tend to experience several serious negative effects as all their obligations take a toll. Their physical and emotional health suffers, they tend to use alcohol and other drugs to cope, and their social circle shrinks. They try to manage a full-time job, a home of their own and the needs of their elderly parent.

Companionship Service

Often, the main need for Caregivers Home Care Philadelphia PA in this situation is for companionship and moderate supervision of the person with dementia. Having a home care worker there allows the family caregiver to get some much-needed time for personal activities. Previously, this individual may have felt guilty at the idea that he or she deserves the chance to go to a movie, out for dinner or on a group bike ride for a full afternoon. Knowing that Mom or Dad is receiving the best of home care allows the son or daughter to relax for a change.

Easing the Burden

When a single adult child moves in with a parent who has become mentally challenged, the situation can be even worse than when this son or daughter maintains a separate living space. The home begins to feel like a prison from which the only acceptable escape is the outside job this person holds. All other time must be devoted to the parent, who may not sleep well and may have emotional outbursts. Caregivers from an organization like Angels On Call ease the burden.

Personal Care and Housekeeping

The friendly and compassionate workers can complete many tasks in the home. They can help the elderly person with bathing and grooming while helping to maintain dignity at the same time. Light housekeeping service can be provided, such as doing laundry and unloading the dishwasher. Browse the website to learn more about one particular caregiving service.

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