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NCV Testing: Essentials to Keep in Mind

What is NCV testing?

NCV or Nerve conduction velocity testing is an exam that helps doctors see how fast electrical signals move through a nerve, says MedlinePlus. The test is ordinarily performed along with electromyography or EMG. The aim of the test is to check nerves and muscles for any signs of problems or abnormalities.

Are you a candidate for the test?

The test is used as a diagnostic tool by doctors to determine a number of muscular as well as neuromuscular conditions and abnormalities. These include Guillain-Barre syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and herniated disk disease. It can also be used to diagnose sciatic nerve problems as well as peripheral nerve damage. If your doctor thinks you might have a pinched nerve, then you’ll most likely be asked to undergo NCV testing in Orlando.

How do I prepare for the procedure?

Your doctor will interview you to get your medical history. Questions will typically involve any conditions you might have had in the past, medications you took or are currently taking along with behaviors, symptoms or signs that you feel are due to the unexplained or undiagnosed condition you’re suffering from. If you have diabetes, systemic diseases of any kind or even systemic diseases, then these might compromise the results of the test. You’ll need to let your doctor know in advance if you suffer from any of these so your physician can come up with alternative means to check and diagnose your condition. Also, you’ll need to stop using lotion or oils on your skin a few days before your scheduled testing since the creams might prevent proper placement of the electrode on your skin.

What to know?

Be sure to choose a reputable clinic for NCV testing in Orlando. Check out the credentials and qualifications of the facility and staff to make sure you’re in competent and capable hands.

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