Brain Injury and Outcomes for Patients

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Health

Brain injury comes in many forms. The two primary types of brain injury are the traumatic brain injury and the acquired brain injury. Let’s take a closer look at both, as well as see how people cope with life after a brain injury of any kind.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury is one that happen as a result of violent or traumatic means. This can come from an automobile or motorcycle accident, a physical assault or a severe fall or athletic injury. When these injuries occur treatment should be swift, as the skull might be compromised or other, surrounding tissues might be damaged in addition to the brain.

Acquired Brain Injury

In the world of brain injury recovery and care, an acquired brain injury is any problem with the brain not caused by traumatic means, such as an automotive accident or assault. These injuries may be the result of a brain tumor, stroke, electric or lightning strike shock, neurotoxins and more. Much more common, these types of brain injury can vary greatly in severity, and long-term treatment is usually necessary for care and management.

Life After Brain Injury

The outcome of a brain injury will vary depending on the severity and how soon medical treatment is sought afterward. Some people die from brain injuries, if they are severe. For many, though, brain injuries can be treated and they can be released from the care of their provider within several days or even twenty-four hours.

If you have been diagnosed with a brain injury, you will likely need ongoing therapy and medical care in order to fully and properly recover. This may include visiting a rehabilitation center, a brain and spinal injury clinic or other specialty provider, as well as your general practitioner. Your medical team will work together to provide a treatment plan that will help you live your best possible life after a brain injury, and get back on the road to feeling better.

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