A Closer Look At The Swedged-On Suture – Pop Off and Single Arm

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Medical And Health

The controlled release suture with the pop-off needle handles a variety of medical procedures like few other devices in the field. Available in multiple sizes and types, these pop off sutures – generally produced with a set of accessories – can easily be detached from the needles themselves according to the immediate needs of the patient and the physician. A light tug is all that is needed. Pop off sutures help secure tissue approximation, allowing the proper placement of interrupted stitches.

It’s important to point out that there isn’t a large fundamental difference between the actual suture when comparing standard set-ups with controlled-release type indicated here. Where lots of ties are needed, pop offs tend to be the most useful. But everything ultimately comes down to surgical preference among practitioners. Pre-loaded ties fed into a plastic wheel dispenser alleviates the need for constant suture hand-offs. If applicable, medical professionals can request a set with a free needle.

Pop off needles are just one type of swedged-on suture type. Instead of prioritizing detachment, a second type of swedged-on needle permanently attaches the suture to the needle so that a surgeon may run a continuous running or locking line.

Whether the surgical solution calls for detached or attached components, most sutures have a needle swedged onto a single end. These are referred to as single-arm while the double-arm literally doubles the needle capacity.

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