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5 Ways to Easy Recovery from LASIK Surgery

Fast and effective results make LASIK treatment a popular treatment to correct eye sight problems. If you’ve just undergone the surgery, though, here are some tips to help you recover from the surgery:

Wear protective goggles

You’ll need to wear one even at night, while you sleep. Otherwise, you might accidentally rub your eyes and end up with an infection. Keep that from happening by simply wearing those protective goggles to bed.

Wear sunnies

If you’re going out during the day, make sure to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against the glare of the sun or light. Your eyes are still recovering from the surgery so you’ll want to avoid any contact that could prove damaging, including strong light.

Use the eye drop

Many patients experience dry eyes after the surgery. That’s normal. You’ll want to use the eye drop your LASIK surgeon will recommend. This will help ease the dryness, preventing itchiness and eye irritation.

Talk to your surgeon

If you find yourself suffering from any other complications, don’t hesitate to contact your LASIK surgeon. Your doctor can give you the reassurance you need in case those symptoms turn out to be normal and temporary. If the consultation brings to light possible issues or complications, your doctor will be on top of the problem as well. This way, in case there are problems, your doctor can prescribe the right care and treatment plan right away, reducing any chances of possible long-term damage.

Discuss your expectations

WebMD says a lot of patients who’ve undergone the procedure—about 96 percent of them—no longer need eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, if there are other results you expect to get from the procedure, this is the best time to bring them up. Your doctor will tell you if your expectations are realistic or not.

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