4 Ways to Improve Laparoscopic Port Site Closure Outcomes

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Suture Needle

Laparoscopic surgery has made it possible for surgery to improve success rates and treat more patients. If you want to replicate those results for your team, here are a few tips that may prove helpful to your efforts.

Stay Updated on New Treatments

We see better medical advances every year. If you want to improve your OR team’s performance outcomes, be sure to stay updated on new treatments. Look into implementing treatments that your team can do. For instance, using the Chennai port closure (CHC) method can be a game-changer for improved laparoscopic port site closure results.

Train in New Materials and Methods

Once you’ve determined which treatments or methods will benefit your team and patients, train your healthcare workers in using new materials and techniques. Practice makes perfect. They should have no trouble pulling off a laparoscopic port site closure with enough time and practice to build their skills.

Invest in High-Grade Solutions

Look into trying better-quality medical supplies. Leading suppliers continually roll out supplies and equipment that raise the bar in safety, performance, and precision. Training your team isn’t enough. They must also know how to use the newest medical supplies and equipment. That knowledge, combined with their OR skills, can help them treat patients with higher success rates.

Stock Up on the Best Supplies

Know which supplies help your team the most. Always keep those supplies available so your OR personnel can respond to emergency cases quickly and easily. Rely on the services of a trustworthy supplier to ensure you don’t get saddled with low-quality supplies. Poor-quality supplies can put your team and patients at risk. That’s because punctures caused by broken sharps or supplies can lead to infection transmission. Also, there have been cases when staff have accidentally left needles in the body during surgery, leading to infection and a malpractice case. Prevent those problems by trusting a reliable supplier. To know more, please visit Sharp Fluidics today.

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