How can you ensure scrub tech safety?

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Suture Needle

A scrub tech, also known as a surgical technician is someone who assists the surgeon in theatre, they are responsible for the safety of the patient before, during and after surgery. Their job includes preparing the operating theatre before surgery, and ensuring all the appropriate tools and equipment are ready, sterile and on hand in the room before surgery. As well as that, they also assist during the surgery by passing the instruments and other sterile supplies to the surgeons, or surgical assistants. They may also hold retractors, cut sutures and help to count the stock of appropriate tools and supplies and resupply the room after surgeries. They will also need to ready patients for surgery, such as by washing and disinfecting incision sites and maintaining a sterile environment to prevent infection.

What dangers does a scrub tech face?

Being in such proximity to surgical tools, before, during, and after use, leaves scrub tech safety something to be desired as the risk of needlestick is always there, which leaves the surgical technician at risk of both injury and bloodborne diseases. There are also physical dangers as there is a chance of falls, lifting and carrying based injuries, which is one of the most common amongst healthcare workers. There are electrical dangers, mechanical dangers, and thermal dangers, all as a result of the various equipment used in the operating room (OR). Chemical damage, from the various chemicals that are readily present in any OR.

Thankfully there are many safeguards in place and things such as the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act to help scrub tech’s safety.

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