4 Myths About Plastic Surgery

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Surgery

Throughout the years, our plastic surgery center has provided remarkable outcomes for our patients. From rhinoplasty surgeries to face procedures, we are proud of the results of our procedures.

When patients meet with a plastic surgeon near River North, they have all types of misconceptions about plastic surgery. At our office, one of our goals is to empower our patients through education. Here are 4 myths about plastic surgery that must be dispelled.

1. Plastic surgery can change your life.

While it’s true that plastic surgery can enhance your looks, it isn’t necessarily a life-changing procedure. Plastic surgery can’t relieve chronic depression, solve marital problems or boost a patient’s mood. You should understand this because you don’t want to have false expectations about your procedure’s outcome.

2. Plastic surgery isn’t as serious as other surgeries.

All surgeries come with risks. This includes ‘routine’ plastic surgery procedures. Patients should be aware of this fact before they have any procedure.

3. Only rich people can afford plastic surgery.

Patients in different income brackets get plastic surgery. Although insurance companies won’t pay for most procedures, some patients finance the cost of the procedure or save money until they can afford it.

4. It can take months to recover from a plastic surgery procedure.

Depending on the procedure, you can resume your normal routine within a few weeks. Be sure to discuss recovery times with your plastic surgeon near River North.

At Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, you’ll be able to find a board-certified plastic surgeon near River North you can trust. If you’re ready to talk about your surgical options, contact our office. Our list of services includes medspa treatments, breast reconstruction and liposuction. To learn about our surgeons and procedures at Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery.

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