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Your Memory Matters: 3 Benefits of a Memory Care Facility Near Fairfax, VA

One of the best ways to care for yourself or your loved one with dementia can be to live in a healthy community. In fact, making memory care a top priority can boost your happiness and health. Consider how a memory care facility near Fairfax, VA, can be beneficial for those affected by dementia.

Live Without Worry

Taking proper care of your memory is vital to maintaining your health and well-being each day. The facility near Fairfax has been created to accommodate you no matter what stage of memory loss you’re at. For instance, you can engage with interactive artwork, wayfinding neighborhoods, and much more.

Play a Fun Game

OBIE is an award-winning gaming technology. You play each scientifically designed game through simple hand motion. You can have fun in your free time and exercise your brain with an interesting game that’s specifically made for your pleasure.

Do Relaxing Activities

You can spend time in three calming areas to engage your mind. For one, the Sensory Lounge allows you to access taste, sound, touch, smell, and sight. In the Reminiscence Lounge, you can reminisce about the past. Finally, the Multi-Themed Outdoor Courtyard features a 1960s-themed backyard where you can spend some quality time.

To sum it all up, a memory care facility near Fairfax, VA, can provide you or a loved one with a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, you’ll be able to worry less about losing your memory and focus more on living your best life. Contact The Virginian for more information.

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