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Why It’s Important To Become An Established Patient With A Family Practice Physician In Wichita, Kansas

Achieving optimal health and wellness isn’t something that can be done overnight, but requires several lifestyle changes and checkups with a Family Practice Physician in Wichita Kansas that is familiar with a person’s health history. One of the greatest mistakes a person can make is choosing to visit a variety of doctors and failing to become an established patient with a physician who can help provide medical oversight. The following are just a few of the many benefits to choosing a dedicated physician.

Vital Changes

Every time a patient sees a doctor, the staff will take a variety of vitals, such as their blood pressure, weight, and body temperature. A physician will monitor these areas and identify when changes occur that could require further testing. While it may not seem like an important factor, having a doctor that is actively monitoring a patient’s vital signs can help identify potential health issues before they become serious.

Medication Changes

A patient should have their medications evaluated on a regular basis, as some may need to be increased with time, and others can be phased out as a person’s health improves. A random doctor will not have the knowledge necessary to determine if a person’s medications should be altered, which can lead to a greater propensity for harmful side effects. Trust a dedicated Family Practice Physician in Wichita Kansas to help make recommendations on the proper medications and dosages that should be administered.

Specialist Referrals

A primary care physician will not be able to treat every illness, but they do have the ability to refer their patients to specialists who are trained in specific health conditions. This allows a person to see a specialist quickly, as many will work a referral appointment in much quicker, and it will ensure any insurance that requires a referral form will pay the cost of the appointment.

One of the biggest blunders a person can make is choosing to use a variety of doctors for their medical needs. The medical professionals at Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC offer full primary care services for children and adults. Be sure to call today and schedule a new patient exam to take control of any health needs once and for all.

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