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Who Should Wear Compression Hose in Pittsburgh, PA?

The short answer to who should wear Compression Hose in Pittsburgh PA is almost everyone. What people need to understand is that compression hose today are not the thick and ugly ones your grandmother used to wear. There are several different styles, prints, and degrees of compression available today. Other people will not notice the difference between regular hose and compression ones.


Anyone who spends extended amounts of time in one position during the day needs compression hose. Retail cashiers, factory assembly workers, security guards, secretaries, telemarketers, medical professionals, and doormen at exclusive condominium buildings, among others, could definitely benefit from some type of compression hose. Those who have poor circulation, diabetes, heart conditions, and muscle weakness should also be in Compression Hose in Pittsburgh PA.

How Compression Works

Standing or sitting can cause legs and feet to swell, joints to ache, and muscles to strain. The effects can also be felt in the knees, back, hips, and even shoulders. People become fatigued faster, a burning sensation can often be felt in the feet and legs, and serious edema can cause the skin to crack or break down. Compression keeps circulation pumping strong in lower extremities so fluid can be pushed up the feet and legs instead of settling into the muscles and tissue.

Selecting the Right Hose

The use of compression, along with regular exercise, healthy eating, and proper sleep, can prevent edema, thrombosis, and blood clots. People who can maintain a healthy weight and remember to move their feet and stretch the legs even when sitting will do well with light compression in the form of knee socks. These are also great when taking a long flight.

Moderate to heavy compression is for more serious conditions. That level of compression is needed for severe diabetics, people with compromised mobility, and those who have had serious injuries to their feet, knees, or legs. Sometimes, the need for compression is temporary, like after a surgical procedure, for example, but most people should use compression on a daily basis.

A medical supply store with experienced staff, such as McArdle Surgical, is the best place to go for compression socks or hose. Those unsure of what degree of compression will work for them can ask staff members for selection assistance.

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