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Where to Turn for an Experienced In-Depth Vision Test in Jacksonville, FL

Sight is a delicate sense that humans posses. This is what allows people to see things in their environment clearly. There are many things that can cause a decrease or loss of vision in one or both eyes. These things include certain health conditions, like thyroid disease or diabetes, or loss of vision could occur following a massive trauma injury to the face and eye areas. Learn where to turn for an experienced and in-depth vision test in Jacksonville, FL.

How Often Should Individuals Get Their Vision Tested?

Eye specialists recommend getting professional vision testing at certain time intervals that do vary depending on a number of factors. Younger children are tested for visual acuity from soon after birth and during physical school exams thereafter. If a child or adult does show visual reduction, they are then referred to eye specialists for further evaluation and treatment.

Certain Health Conditions Require Closer Vision Monitoring

Several diseases and health conditions will require closer vision monitoring by eye specialists that have the training and experience to perform these advanced vision tests for Jacksonville, FL, inhabitants. These health risk factors that may cause vision loss include circulation problems, traumas to the face or eye regions, diabetes, thyroid diseases like Graves Disease and high blood pressure.

Seniors Need More Frequent Eye Testing

Older adults need more frequent eye testing, as certain risk factors increase as individuals age. Possible eye issues include cataracts, glaucoma and droopy eyelids. Contact Florida Eye Specialists – Southside.

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