Where to Get Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Health Care

Urgent care facilities have become popular since these facilities offer routine medical services to patients without a scheduled appointment. These type of medical facilities are also popular providers of drug and alcohol screenings. Individuals usually need to undergo drug and alcohol screenings due to being involved in an accident on the job, as part of the pre-employment process, and for random testing during one’s employment. Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH is available at certain medical facilities. Click here to find the nearest locations.

Emergency Services

Doctors’ offices are not only busy, an appointment is usually required. It can be difficult to obtain an appointment if one’s primary care doctor is already booked for the day and a substitute doctor is not available. Making an appointment can also become inconvenient for those who are unable to juggle certain times due to scheduling conflicts with a job or other obligations. While urgent care facilities can provide some emergency services, these facilities also provide some of the routine screenings and treatments a regular doctor’s office can. These include testing for the flu, diagnosing unknown causes of pain, fevers, and severe headaches.

Substance Abuse Screening

Employers that need Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH for employees can use urgent care facilities for this purpose. Employees need to be tested in the event substance abuse is suspected, as part of protocols for accidents on the job, prior to extending an official job offer to a candidate, and as part of implementing a random screening policy. Employers will pay for the screenings in all of these cases, although an employee’s job may be at risk if the test comes back positive.

Urgent care facilities are staffed by regular doctors and nurses. These facilities exist to fill the gaps left by overcrowded emergency rooms and doctors’ offices. Patients seek treatment from urgent care facilities for minor emergencies, moderate to severe illnesses and injuries, and substance abuse screenings. Broken bones, fevers, suspected flu, bronchitis and severe colds, and some routine health screenings can all be addressed by the staff at urgent care facilities. If the facility is unable to address the patient’s needs, the patient may be referred to a traditional emergency room or primary care doctor. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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