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What You Need To Know About In-Home Care

In the situation where your loved one is coming to the point of needing more care than you and your family can currently provide, it is still essential to try to keep your loved one at home. This allows them the opportunity to always be around familiar objects and settings instead of sending them to an assisted living center or a nursing home. Home care in Philadelphia PA, provides your loved one with the opportunity to do just that. They will receive all of the necessary care from a certified caregiver while still maintaining their positions in their own homes and lessening the burden on you and your family.

Home Care

Home care agency in Philadelphia PA, is the opportunity for your loved one to receive the necessary care, whether the care is for forgetfulness, illness, or frailty, from a certified caregiver while in the comfort of their own homes. The certified caregiver arrives at the house and provides all necessary treatments and help, including dispensing of medicine, household chores, and companionship; these services’ cost varies depending on the level of care needed for your loved one.

Live-in Care

Live-in care is similar to home care because both situations allow the opportunity for your loved one to remain in their homes while receiving all care needed; the main difference between the two systems in that live-in care provides care and monitoring at all hours of the day. The caregiver in this system will stay at your loved ones’ home all day and all night, and there will be two or three caregivers who maintain a shift throughout the week. These caregivers will not move into your loved ones’ homes and are not allowed to treat the house and its property as their own. Instead, this system allows for someone to always be at attendance for your loved one though shift will change, and several caregivers will be provided.

Benefits of Home Care

Home care in Philadelphia, PA, provides many benefits to those involved; namely, your loved one will be provided with all services and medical assistance necessary while remaining in a familiar environment in their own homes. There are also other benefits to home care in Philadelphia, PA; the appointed caregiver is permitted to drive your loved one to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, and to other predetermined engagements. The caregiver may also provide services to your loved one in the case of hospitalization or a short stay in an assisted living home. In some situations, the caregiver may attend to your loved one when they are on vacation. In short, caregivers are available to help out with your loved one’s needs while providing them with the opportunity to remain at home for as long as possible.

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