What to Expect in Cardiac Rehabilitation Madison CT

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Health

Cardiac Rehabilitation Madison CT is a program designed to help rehabilitate those with heart problems. During rehabilitation you will go through different stages to get you back to your normal self. There are four parts to the cardiac rehab to rehabilitate you, a medical evaluation, physical activity, lifestyle change and support.

The first part of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Madison CT is a medical evaluation. During the evaluation, trained medical professionals will assess your heart health. They will check your physical health, learn your limitations and check your risk factors for heart disease and strokes. After assessment, you will undergo physical activity. The goal of the physical activity is to improve your cardiovascular health. Activities include walking, running, jogging and strength training. The trained professionals will give you an exercise schedule to follow to improve your heart health. They will teach you proper techniques to follow an exercise regimen. After your physical activity portion, the program will educate you in lifestyle changes.

Your diet will need to change upon entering a rehabilitation program. They will teach you healthier alternatives along with a dietary guideline to follow such as reducing sodium, fats and cholesterol. They also will assist you in cutting out bad habits that contribute to the downfall of your heart health. Smoking for example is hazardous to those with heart problems. Trained professionals will help you to understand the importance of the doctor’s prescribed medications and following the healthy lifestyle changes. Finally, the cardiac rehabilitation program will offer you support. Making dramatic changes in your life can affect how you feel. Many battle with anxiety, depression and the loss of their previous lifestyle. The support that they offer can help you feel better about yourself and your new changes of life.

Cardiac rehabilitation is offered at a variety of facilities. For example Gladeview Rehabilitation and Health Care offers Cardiac rehabilitation. The trained professionals at these facilities have a goal to enhance your health. They want to improve your heart health and assist you with your lifestyle changes that you will undergo. They will assist you in understanding the life changes that you need to make and educate you in physical activities that you can do to assist yourself.

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