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What Should You Know About Laser Scar Treatment in Philadelphia?

Years ago, there was nothing that could really be done about scars other than using fading creams to diminish their appearance. Thankfully, laser therapy has been introduced, allowing people to say goodbye to their scars forever. Although it can sometimes take several sessions, scarring can be removed with this method. Those who have unwanted scars can learn how this procedure is carried out so they can make an informed decision on whether or not they should pursue laser scar treatment in Philadelphia.
There are three main types of laser treatment that can be used to reduce the appearance of scarring:

•Laser resurfacing is a treatment that removes the outer layers of damaged skin so the scar becomes smoother and less noticeable. Not only does this treatment remove the outer layers, it also penetrates into the middle layers so the supporting skin structures are tightened, further enhancing the skin’s appearance. Each treatment typically takes about one to two hours depending on the area being worked on. The skin is numbed with a topical anesthetic, so no pain is felt.

•Fractionated laser resurfacing is suitable for small scarring issues such as those that occur with minor acne. This laser produces microscopic holes that surround the area being treated. These holes help to encourage new skin cell production and collagen. During this procedure, the patient is numbed so they feel no pain. This type of laser typically requires three to five treatments for successful scar treatment.

•Non-ablative laser resurfacing uses infrared lasers to penetrate deep into the skin to promote collagen production. These treatments are typically less involved than others types of laser treatment so they normally only take between fifteen and thirty minutes to be carried out. This procedure can sometimes cause pain, but a cooling spray is released during the treatment.

If you are embarrassed about scarring, consider Laser Scar Treatment in Philadelphia. If you are interested in these treatments, click here. With laser treatment, your skin can be much smoother, and your scars can be less noticeable. These treatments can help you regain your confidence so you can overcome your embarrassment about the scarring.

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