What Kind of Transgender Services in Allentown Are Available?

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Health

Transitioning to a new gender is more than just going to a doctor for hormones, or even having that all-important surgery. It is a process, often marked by both exciting successes and continued challenges. transgender services in Allentown can provide clients in the process of transitioning with the tools they need to speed this process along and become the people they want to be. Read on to find out how.

Hair Removal

Most women have been struggling with removing unwanted facial and body hair their entire lives. Those who have only recently begun the process of transitioning may find they have some catching up to do. Services such as facial and body waxing, or even laser hair removal, can be extremely helpful in creating a beautiful, feminine look. Keep in mind that electrolysis is the FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal, which places it firmly among the most effective means of getting rid of that unwanted body hair.

Skin Care

Everybody wants beautiful, clear skin. Unfortunately, hormonal changes can really wreak havoc on anyone’s skin. With the most advanced technology in the area, Beautiful You by Christine can help to restore anyone’s natural glow, giving clients the confidence they deserve.

Eyelash Extensions

Long, luxurious eyelashes can make a huge difference when creating an overall look of glamor and refinement. Eyelash curlers and heavy mascara can help in the short-run, but they actually cause damage over time and can even lead to eyelashes falling out. Professional extensions, however, come with all of the benefits and none of the risks.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup has been growing in popularity among all women in recent years. Constantly worrying about reapplying makeup can be a huge hassle, so it’s no surprise that so many women are opting for a more permanent solution. Getting permanent makeup does not preclude the ability to put on regular makeup for any special occasions-;simply apply it right over top. These and other Transgender Services in Allentown can help clients to look their best and find the confidence they need and deserve. Learn more online today or call to schedule an appointment.

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