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What Is a Pediatric Specialist and How Can They Help Your Child in Eagan?

If your child is suffering from a serious medical condition, their pediatrician may refer you to a pediatric specialist. While the job titles are similar, pediatric specialists in Eagan, MN, differ from the pediatrician you usually see with your child. Here’s some more information about this type of healthcare provider to help you understand why they may better treat your child’s specific medical condition.

What Do Pediatric Specialists Treat?

Each pediatric specialist focuses on a specific area of pediatric care, and there are as many specialists as there are medical conditions. For example, some pediatric specialists focus their practice on treating children with cardiovascular diseases. If your child is suffering from a sleep disorder or respiratory disease, you will have to find specialists who focus on treating those conditions.

How Are the Educational Requirements Different?

Every pediatrician will have to spend four years in medical school and an additional three years learning about pediatric medicine before completing their residency requirement. In addition to going through that process, a pediatric specialist will spend three years learning their specialty. They will also go through on-the-job training in their specialty field before being board certified as a specialist.

Pediatric Surgeons Require Additional Training

In addition to meeting the previously mentioned requirements for pediatric specialists in Eagan, MN, pediatric surgeons will also need surgical experience. They will spend five years working in general surgery before moving on to train in pediatric surgery for three more years. They can only apply for certification after completing this training program.

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