What Do Practitioners of Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati, OH Do?

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Health

When it comes to providing for the health and safety of workers, business owners have a certain responsibility of care. Choosing a facility with a focus on Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH can help them to meet this responsibility with less hassle. Practitioners of occupational medicine focus on treating illnesses and injuries that occur at work-sites, but that is not the extent of the valuable services they provide. Below are just a few of the other reasons employers seek to establish a working relationship with an occupational medicine clinic.

Pre-Employment Exams

Depending on the type of employment, a physical health evaluation may be necessary for new hires. This is particularly true of jobs with hazardous work conditions, where the likelihood of future workers compensation claims will be higher. Jobs that require a certain level of physical fitness or health to be performed safely should also consider pre-screening their employees. A specialist in Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH can perform routine physical exams on new employees as they enter the workforce.

Drug Screening

The use of illicit drugs in the workplace can put both other employees and customers or clients in danger. Screening for drugs and alcohol as part of an employment application has become quite commonplace in many fields as a result. Jobs that involve the operation of potentially hazardous equipment often screen existing employees on either a regular or a random basis as well to ensure the safety of everyone at the work-site.

On-site Rehabilitation

When injuries do occur, employees often require rehabilitative services to return to work. Some, but not all, occupational medicine providers offer a facility that can provide on-site occupational rehabilitation. Choosing one that does will help to get employees back on their feet, and back to work, quicker and more successfully.

Corporate Flu Shots

Keeping employees healthy should be a priority. Providing annual flu shots for all employees can help to avoid the outbreak of serious but preventable illnesses.

Employers should have their workers’ health in mind throughout the hiring process and over the course of their employment. Don’t scramble to find a provider after the need for one has already arisen. Click here to learn about other services provided by practitioners of occupational medicine today.

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