What Biofeedback Therapy in Wellington, FL Tells Doctors

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Health

The concept of Biofeedback Therapy in Wellington, FL is to evaluate the functionality of a patient’s brain. A non-invasive map of the brain using the eVox portable system informs doctors which parts of the brain are functioning at optimum levels and which are not functioning well. This information allows doctors and therapists to create a personalized approach to improve brain function.

The Ever-Evolving Brain

The brain changes as people grow and experience life. It can be altered by traumatic events, excessive stress, injury, nutrition, lifestyle choices, the natural aging process, circulation, and activity. By combining appropriate therapies, natural dietary supplements, nutrition counseling, and recovery programs, along with medication if applicable, therapists and doctors can relieve a wide range of symptoms. Cutting-edge technology makes the testing and evaluation process safe and effective.

What to Expect

Biofeedback Therapy in Wellington, FL takes only twenty minutes to compile a brain map. The appointment will take up to forty-five minutes to explain the procedure and get everything set up. Electrodes are connected to various spots on the scalp, and a cap is used to keep them all in place. Once the machine records all the biofeedback necessary, the cap comes off and the patient resumes their day. A secondary appointment is required in a few days with the doctor to discuss the results and develop a treatment plan.

Relief for a Multitude of Symptoms

This process provides the therapists and doctors at RegenaMedX with information to address chronic pain, memory loss, sleep problems, anxiety, addiction, failure to concentrate, balance issues, depression, effects of a brain injury, and PTSD, and other issues. Treatment may be brief or ongoing depending on the symptoms, the severity, and the patient. Everyone is different, so that responses will be individual. The specifics and prognosis of treatment outcomes can be discussed with the doctor.

A Starting Point

Most patients are having their brains mapped for the first time when they enter the facility. There is rarely a previous scan or map to use as a baseline. The initial biofeedback therapy is typically a starting point to develop a treatment plan. It may be helpful to repeat the mapping at certain intervals to determine if the brain is changing and responding to interventions. Find out more detailed information when you Visit the website.

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