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What a Pediatric Allergist in Starkville MS Might Do During an Office Visit

A Pediatric Allergist in Starkville MS is seen when a person thinks he or she is suffering from allergies or a possible allergic reaction. Each person has a different reaction to different substances, meaning no two reactions are the same (just like no two people are the same). A bee sting may not affect one person that much, while it could potentially kill another.

What is done to prevent these types of things from happening? What can a person do to determine which allergens they should steer clear from? The type of testing may help immensely.

Intradermal testing

Intradermal testing, like “prick” testing, lasts about twenty minutes for each level of substance dilution. In some cases, the patient will be asked to return to the office after six, twenty-four, forty-eight, or seventy-two hours (or more). This is so the Pediatric Allergist in Starkville MS can determine if there is a delayed reaction.

The area of the skin used is the outer part of the arms. Medicinal substances and venoms are diluted between ten and one hundred thousand times and then injected in very small quantities into the superficial part of the skin by means of a thin and short needle. The test is positive if there are redness and swelling visible along with a tingling sensation (which disappears after one hour).

Effects of a reaction

Allergic reactions (skin or respiratory) at a distance around the area are assessed, especially with certain drugs, such as penicillin. They must be immediately reported to the doctor or nurse, who will intervene accordingly. Some patients present with malaise (with hot flushes, pallor, perspiration, etc.) at the time of the injections: these symptoms are benign and not related to an allergy, but usually involves a “mental” issue (think of panic attacks).

Lying down and relaxing allows the allergist to further examine the patient. Knowing which allergens a person is allergic to can save their life. Therefore, most pediatricians opt for allergen testing early on in life.

Deciding which physician to see is a major part of treatment. You wouldn’t see a podiatrist for a heart attack, correct? Learn more about us by clicking here.

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