Variations of Home Home Care Services Reading PA

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Home Health Care

People who are ill, have a medical condition or are recovering from an accident have several options for Home Care Services Reading PA. Temporary situations, such recovering from surgery, rebounding from an illness, or experiencing a flare-up of a chronic condition, can be handled by professionals such as visiting nurses, home health aides, volunteer companions, physical therapists, and those who provide general housekeeping services. Those individuals check on patients, provide some personal care, administer medications, and change wound dressings. They also help improve mobility and expedite the return to previous levels of health and well-being.

Care of a permanent nature, such as palliative care or hospice care, can also be conducted in the home, depending on the type of care, and the specific needs of the patient. Palliative care refers to long-term pain management and symptom relief of diseases and illnesses after a patient has made the decision to forgo curative care. Personal care, emotional and spiritual support, companionship, and the provisions for durable medical equipment are examples of some services offered. Maintaining the highest quality life possible is also a focus of care. Patients elect to forgo curative care for several reasons. The care can be the cause of intense suffering; patients may have already received treatment for the disease without success, or they see no substantial benefit from prolonging their life past a natural death.

Another variation of Home Care Services Reading PA is hospice care. It is similar to palliative care, except the patient has a terminal condition. Those with a maximum life expectancy of six months qualify for hospice care services. Compassionate professionals, who are highly trained, work with the current medical specialists of the patient to assess and provide for the needs of the patient. The team approach provides a smooth transition from one type of service to the other and provides consistency of care. Services are provided in all types of residential settings. A private home, a nursing home, or an assisted-living facility are examples of home settings. Services specific to hospice care include support for family members and friends of the patient. Information is provided, so people know what to expect in the coming months, questions are answered as they arise, and bereavement support is available to loved ones after the death has occurred. Those interested in hospice or palliative care services can contact TruCare Home Care Service for detailed information.

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