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Utilizing an Experienced Physician for Hair Restoration in NJ

Getting rid of an annoying balding spot on your head doesn’t have to be challenging. Utilizing a proven method can be done by consulting with an experienced professional who provides hair restoration in NJ. Getting their assistance will likely lead to an effective solution.

Evaluating Your Hair Loss

Having a knowledgeable and experienced physician assess the hair loss will help determine if you are a candidate for hair restoration in NJ. If you have hair that can be transplanted to the area that’s balding or receding, it can help make you look better and feel more confident about your appearance.

Using an Experienced Physician Is Essential

Trusting an experienced physician to perform hair restoration in NJ on your scalp is probably the best type of treatment you can receive. They are highly proficient in utilizing specific techniques to replace hairs that have been lost from your head. Having an experienced doctor perform the procedure helps ensure you receive the best care possible and enjoy lasting results.

Utilizing the Correct Hair Restoration Treatment

The FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques are the most popular methods to restore hair. Consulting with a physician specializing in both techniques will help you figure out which approach is best for your needs. Both procedures have their “pros and cons,” and neither is a “one size fits all” approach. Some patients are better suited for FUT while others may be a good candidate for FUE. Learn more about these procedures and which may be best for your specific needs by visiting Feller & Bloxham Medical at

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