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Understanding Laser Hair Rejuvenation Treatments in West Chester, PA

It is well documented that hair loss is a common problem among males. However, more and more women are coming forward and discussion their own hair loss as well. Hair loss can be genetic in women just like it is with men. Also, many of the same treatments that work for men will also work for women.

When hair loss is due to hormones, however, different treatments are needed. Hormone therapy, diet change, and exercise are often very successful when combating hair loss due to hormonal changes. But, when these things don’t work, or hair loss is due to other reasons, Laser Hair Rejuvenation Treatments in West Chester, PA may be a better choice.

What is Laser Hair Rejuvenation?

Laser hair rejuvenation is just another way to say hair restoration. While it’s true that lasers are predominately known for being used for hair removal, new experiments are showing that Laser Hair Rejuvenation Treatments in West Chester, PA is also possible with the same lasers used for removal.

The main difference is the energy output the laser uses. For removal, higher levels of energy are needed to create the correct light output for the laser. Lower levels have been shown to actually stimulate growth, which has caused some doctors to add this procedure to their menu of cosmetic choices.

Where to get Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Because this method of restoration is still in its initial phases, not every clinic, spa or plastic surgeon is offering this treatment. Those looking for this option should consider places that are known to be on the cutting edge of technology. Also, facilities that are willing to do experimental therapies are also a good choice. Once there is more documented proof, this treatment will become more far-reaching.

Does Laser Hair Rejuvenation Hurt?

Laser procedures all hurt to some degree. The higher the energy output, the bigger the pain. For this procedure, it will hurt less than laser removal and other laser treatments as well.

If you’re looking for a way to get your hair loss in check, then consider a visit to a BeBalanced Center. They focus on checking hormone levels and ensuring that your body is functioning the way that it should get the best results for hair growth and overall health. If you would like to know more about hair restoration, or their other services, visit website today.

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