Triumph Over Hair Loss With Women’s Hair Treatment in Arizona

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Health

Female pattern baldness is not discussed as often as the male version, but it does exist. It is sometimes hereditary, the result of hormones or aging or because of medical issues or medication side effects. Regardless of the cause the embarrassment and frustration it causes is the same. Women take pride in their hair and their self-confidence is often connected to how their shiny, full and beautiful their locks look. There is no reason to accept it as fate when thinning hair and bald patches appear.

The method of Womens Hair Treatment Arizona hair restoration experts recommend will vary on the cause of the loss. Hair products and scalp treatments are suggested when the thinning is temporary like immediately after giving birth. For permanent problems or those that cannot be definitively explained the answer is often hair extensions. Extensions make it easy to provide coverage only where it is needed. Thin patches and small bald spots are covered entirely. The hair can be long or short depending on the preference of the client. Extensions are a secure and natural looking method that makes it easy to be active. It is possible to workout, swim and do any number of physical activities and the hair will remain securely in place.

There are still natural looking, non-surgical options even when the thinning becomes too extensive for extensions to be a feasible solution. With Womens Hair Treatment Arizona clients have the option to have a complete head of hair designed specifically for them. Restoration methods make it possible to cover balding areas and make the remainder of the hair full and gorgeous. This is not a traditional wig or toupee and the result looks natural and is not hot or uncomfortable like a synthetic wig. Restorations and extensions are done only with genuine human hair. Great care is taken to match the texture and appearance of the added hair to each client. Once installed it will become indistinguishable from the naturally growing strands. Women can walk out from Donte’s of New York with confidence because they will know their hair is finally letting them look as young and vibrant as they feel. Consultations make it easy for clients to learn more about all of the options available to them. The process is safe and painless and the final result makes it worth the time and investment.

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