Top Three Reasons to Choose Freezing Your Eggs in San Francisco, CA

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Healthcare Service

There are many reasons why freezing your eggs is a good choice especially if you are not ready to become pregnant soon. Freezing your eggs allows you the flexibility of becoming pregnant later when you decide to start a family. You can enjoy life to its fullest knowing that your eggs are perfectly preserved when the time is right.

Here are three reasons to consider egg freezing in San Francisco, CA:

•The quality of your eggs diminishes as you age. People are electing to enjoy their 20s and early 30s childfree. Most are aware that the chances of getting pregnant become harder. Freezing your eggs is a smart efficient way to plan to have biological children when you are older.

•You have a condition that may affect your ability to get pregnant. Some conditions such as cancer, sickle cell anemia, or an autoimmune disease like lupus can make it difficult to get pregnant. If you are transgender, freezing your eggs is the best option if you want biological children later in life. You can avoid the hassle of going through the adoption process or searching for a surrogate female.

•It is normal to prefer to wait to have children, especially if your career choice is physically demanding or time-consuming. Egg freezing in San Francisco, CA, can help you preserve your eggs while you pursue your career without sacrificing genetic quality.

Time is a factor when you are contemplating freezing your eggs. Do not wait until it is too late. Call or visit Laurel Fertility Care for additional information

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