Tips to Choosing Psychologists in Chalfont, PA

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Health

Choosing Psychologists in Chalfont PA is a more subtle and sophisticated issue than what might occur when a person seeks another type of health professional. For starters, not all therapists are called psychologists. Many people who work in this industry may call themselves therapists, so it is best to remember that a legitimate professional has up-to-date licensing. Psychology has many shortcomings, but it is known to be an effective way to deal with various life issues.

Clinical psychologists have two main goals: one is that they do not prescribe drugs for medical purposes (only psychiatrists do at this point), and the second feature is that psychologists handle different and varied models of psychotherapy. It seems that, in general, all models of psychotherapy offer demonstrable and similar efficacy, although some (cognitive-behavioral) are much more investigated than others. But, the ability to make changes are similar. The key is to find which model is right for a specific person with a particular problem at any given time.

An essential fact in the effectiveness of treatment occurs when a connection has been established. Psychologists in Chalfont PA showing empathy, acceptance, and authenticity, are much more likely to help the person in question, and this is quite possibly more relevant than specific techniques or approaches one can use.

There are certain characteristics that should be avoided when looking for a psychologist. An important issue is the rates offered. As in many other respects, it is often very costly for a person to seek help, even if the consultation is free. In most cases, a free consultation is designed to “hook” the patient. This is dishonest for any professional practice, so it is vital to seek out a practitioner that has a great reputation in the field.

One way to facilitate decision making and thereby increase change is to create the feeling that the person is making the change. Another way to facilitate decision making is to appeal to a person’s emotions. That’s why people should not underestimate the irrational element of consumption or the reasons why a change is chosen largely due to emotional responses. A good experience is essential, but the relationship between therapist and client is equally important. To learn more, contact Mary V. Shull Counseling today.

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