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by | May 8, 2018 | Health

Attending childbirth classes can ease a lot of your worries and fears about what’s coming. If this is your first time to undergo pregnancy, then knowing a lot about the process can do a lot to improve your experience. Excited to start? Here are a few details you may want to know before you go to your first session.

Ask about the class

The best classes combine hands-on practice and knowledge about the birth process, What to Expect says. If the classes rely on showing you videos or films without giving you opportunities for hands-on practice, then you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Learn how to relax

If you want a natural birth, then you’ll need to learn techniques to help you when labor starts. Proper breathing and knowing how to distract yourself can work wonders in relieving the pain. Check if the classes include this information.

Know your options

If the pain proves too much for you, that’s all right. Attending childbirth classes will help you explore your pain relief options. That way, you’ll know what to ask for and how. You’ll know what medications pose the lowest risk to yourself and your baby so you can make your decisions confidently.

Be familiar with the process

Knowing the stages of normal labor and delivery can help you prepare for when it happens to you. While there’s nothing that can come close to the birth experience, much-needed information can help you get an idea of how it will go and what you’ll experience during the birth.

Cover the basics

These classes also include care essentials for taking care of a newborn baby. You’ll know how to hold the baby properly, how to breastfeed, give baths, and a whole lot more. It can also provide useful information on postpartum care. Taking care of yourself means you can take better care of your baby as well.

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