Tips From Professionals In Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Health

For most people who are in or approaching old age, “aging in place” is the most desirable way to live. The term describes living in one’s residence of choice in old age as opposed to living in a nursing home or other health care facility. Many older adults are able to achieve this goal by modifying their existing home to make it safer and easier to live in. One common adaptation is adding a stair lift to a stairway. The following are some tips for choosing a stair lift from professionals in Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA.

First of all, there are several types of stair lifts to choose from. The typical lift is a chair with armrests that goes up and down a flight of stairs in a straight line and allows the chair to swivel for entry and exit. There are also stair lifts that can navigate a curving or turning stairwell, and those tend to be more expensive to install. Some stair lifts are made to accommodate a wheelchair, while others are made for the user to stand on. The best type of stair lift for any user will depend on the type of stairs they have and whether they are more comfortable sitting or standing.

While all stair lifts use chairs that swivel at the top and bottom, some can turn in a wider angle than others. Before purchasing a stair lift, consider whether a 90-degree swivel will allow the user to exit the stair lift safely, or whether you need a chair that can make a wider turn.

Make sure that a stair lift is outfitted with safety features. The chair should have a seatbelt, a footrest sensor, a braking system, and controls on the armrest that are easy for the user to operate.

It’s also important to check the weight and height recommendations of a stair lift before making a purchase. If the intended user of the chair is taller or heavier than average, it may be necessary to order a chair with a wider seat or a higher weight capacity. For a tall person, the chair height can be adjusted at installation. Contact McArdle Surgical for more information about Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA.

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