Tips for Visiting an MRI Imaging Center in Orlando

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Imaging Centers

If you have never had an MRI before, you might feel a bit of anxiety if your doctor suggests it. Fortunately, when you visit an MRI imaging in Orlando, you have nothing to fear. Here are some things that patients should know before making an appointment for their first MRI:

MRIs are Painless

Some people are worried about pain when getting a medical test, but an MRI is totally painless. The MRI machine does make a loud noise, but other than that, the test is quite comfortable for most patients.

Do Not Wear Metal Objects

Part of the physical structure of an MRI machine is a large magnet. So, anything that is made of ferromagnetic metals, or those metals that are attracted to magnets, are not allowed to be worn by patients about to get an MRI exam. There are some non-ferromagnetic metals in the body that are not attracted to the magnet. However, these metals can still have an effect on the magnetic field of an MRI machine. So, it’s very important that you talk to the radiologist about any metal in your body, especially metal that cannot be removed, such as a pin in a joint.

Tell the Radiologist if You are Claustrophobic

Finally, it’s important to tell the radiologist if you are claustrophobic. Most high-quality MRI imaging centers have an open MRI option, which is ideal for these patients. Alternatively, patients who require a high-field MRI, which is a closed MRI, can get a sedative or other medication to help them relax. While in the MRI machine, it’s important to remain still, so taking calm, deep breaths, meditating, or simply keeping your eyes closed can greatly help to relax you. The technologist has other suggestions, too, if you are nervous. Visit Open MRI of Orlando for more information.

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