Tips for Choosing Companion Care Services in Sarasota, FL

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Healthcare

The primary goal of companion care is to improve the lives of senior citizens by offering emotional support and companionship. Caregivers do more than offer their friendship, though. They also help with chores and daily living activities such as cleaning, grocery shopping, or offering help around the home that makes it possible for elderly clients to remain independent.

Senior companions aren’t usually nurses, but they are trained to provide other valuable services. Not all caregiver agencies are the same, though. Read on to find out what to look for in Companion Care Services in Sarasota FL to make sure the service’s employees will be a good fit.

Availability of Services

While senior companions cannot administer medications or provide medical care, they perform a wide range of other tasks. They can offer assistance with daily routines, help with housekeeping, provide transportation, work with clients to schedule and keep appointments, plan social activities, and keep their clients entertained with hobbies, games, and light physical activity. Choose a service that provides for as many of the senior client’s needs as possible.

Dementia Care

Not all Companion Care Services in Sarasota FL hire caregivers who are trained to provide care to clients with dementia. Those who are hiring caregivers for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or another disease that impacts the patient’s cognitive functions may want to ask about the caregivers’ experience with dementia patients. Those who aren’t concerned about dementia need not worry about this factor.

Background Checks

The vast majority of senior companions are reliable, kind, patient, and dependable people who derive satisfaction from helping others. That doesn’t mean a caregiver agency shouldn’t take precautions to weed out the few bad apples. Work with a service that performs routine background checks on all of its employees to avoid unnecessary issues and ensure that the client feels comfortable working with his or her caregivers.

Get the Search Started Today

Think it might be time to look into hiring a senior companion to help take care of an aging parent or another elderly loved one? Visit Family First Homecare online to learn about one local service with a well-deserved reputation for excellence or call to schedule a consultation today to get started.

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