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Three Types of Cataracts That Could Require Eye Surgery in Adrian, MI

One of the most common reasons for people undergoing a surgical procedure on their eyes is the development of cataracts. Although they can occur at any age, cataracts usually develop in those who are age forty and older. In fact, cataracts are the main cause of blindness around the world.

Types of Cataracts

There are three types of cataracts people are afflicted with, and they are as follows:

• Subcapsular

• Nuclear

• Cortical

If your cataracts have advanced to the point that you experiencing vision loss, cataract eye surgery in Adrian, MI can restore your vision.

Subcapsular Cataracts

This type of cataract develops in the back of the eye lens and mostly develops in people who have diabetes or who take steroid medications.

Nuclear Cataracts

This is the type of cataracts most people are familiar with as they occur with aging. They develop in the nucleus or center of the lens, and they are the most common reason people undergo cataract eye surgery. The surgery replaces the lens with a new one to restore full vision.

Cortical Cataracts

Cortical cataracts affect the cortex of the eye, which surrounds the nucleus. They appear as white, opaque wedges at the edge of the eye lens and have spoke-like shapes which stretch to the center of it.

Cataract Symptoms

Cataracts develop gradually and are painless, so most people do not notice them until they begin to have vision problems. Their symptoms may start as blurred vision, or they may notice that light from the sun or oncoming headlights at night seem to be glaring. As cataracts develop, vision loss can occur and an eye doctor at Anklin Eye Care may recommend cataract surgery to replace eye lenses.

Cataract surgery takes place in an eye doctor’s office and you are able to go home immediately afterwards. It’s a common eye surgery with few complications for most people. This surgery will restore your vision back to normal.

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