These Things Are Central to the Idea of Getting Clean From Drug Use

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Health

Quitting the regular use of psychoactive drugs has never been easy. Here are three things that you need to know about ceasing the use of drugs, including ways to improve your chances of success.

Brain Chemistry Has a Lot to Do With It

Arguably the central-most reason behind why quitting psychoactive drug use is so difficult for people who struggle with substance abuse disorder is brain chemistry. After abusing drugs regularly for a long time, the brain stops pumping out most of the “feel good” chemicals – like dopamine and serotonin – that it used to secrete on its own without drugs. For the brain to repair itself, people undergoing recovery often need several months to get back to normal, if not longer than a year.

Exercise Really Does Help

When undergoing substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis, one of the last things you’ll want to do is exercise. However, exercising is good for the body and mind when trying to break your habit for several reasons. It naturally, safely releases “feel good” neurotransmitters, reduces stress, improves mood, and provides you with an activity that you can regularly perform and implement into your daily life.

Using a Combination of Multiple Forms of Support Is Best

If you really want to get clean, you should throw together several activities, behaviors, and lifestyle changes that are known to make quitting easier. For example, you should regularly exercise, take up healthy hobbies to fill your time like reading, take mental health medication, and see a mental health professional.

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