The Three Most Popular Forms Of Mens Hair Treatment In Arizona

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Health

A person’s hair is often a source of pride, and being able to customize a cut allows anyone to have a perfect look for their facial structure and body shape. The problem is that as a person ages they will begin to battle hair loss. When most people think about the devastating effects of hair loss, they envision the pain and struggles that women go through. Males, however, also encounter the embarrassment and frustration of hair loss, but the following forms of Mens Hair Treatment in Arizona will help restore hair growth and provides a person with a luxurious head of hair.

Natural Extensions

Extensions have been used as a way to give a person with a receding hairline additional volume for hundreds of years, and though it does require regular maintenance to retain a natural and lush appearance, it is one of the most popular, non-surgical treatment methods. A technician will tie small strands of hair to the existing follicles, and then cut and style it. The result is a natural looking head of hair that requires no maintenance between appointments and is waterproof.

Hair Pieces

The idea of wearing a wig may be terrifying for many, but manufactures of hair replacement devices utilize the latest technology to create the most realistic pieces available. Older wigs sat on the head and were prone to shifting and movement. Companies that provide Mens Hair Treatment in Arizona now utilize special glue and application techniques that keep a wig in place and make them suitable for wearing while swimming or showering.

Medical Treatments

If a person is looking to restore hair growth, there are a variety of treatments that don’t require surgery and stimulate new hair growth. Most products are applied directly to the scalp at least once daily and encourage blood flow and oxygen absorption which regenerates the follicle. Though the results vary, most individuals report a noticeable difference in the volume of their hair in as little as eight weeks.

Dealing with hair loss is embarrassing and may cause a person to dread social situations. The team at Donte’s of New York utilizes the latest treatment options to help a person obtain the hair they have always wanted. Browse the site to learn more about the options available, and tackle hair loss once and for all.

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