The New Technologies of the Prosthetic Hand in Columbus, OH

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Health

Since time immemorial people have been involved in accidents that left them paraplegic or have had a limb cut off. In the past, not much could be done. People ended up spending the rest of their lives in wheelchairs, or if they lost an arm or hand, they were given replacement device that had a hook on it. Today’s technology has changed all that. Now the business of prostheses has boomed and made it possible for those who were missing limbs to be able to function like regular people. A company where a person can buy a Prosthetic Hand in Columbus OH offers many options for customers.

The prosthetic hands of today can perform many functions. Users are able to tie their own shoes with the hand. They are able to lift cups of coffee. They are even able to type with the prosthetic hand. The needs of people to become functionally independent after losing an arm or leg are critical to the emotional health of those individuals. Having to rely on someone to do small, simple tasks is often demeaning and causes the dependent person to feel useless.

Computers are used now to design these advanced prosthetics, equipping them with shock absorbers, such as with a person who has been amputated at the knee. The ultimate goal of the prosthetic is to replace the muscular function so that the nerves are able to respond to the artificial muscles, so to speak. This can be difficult to do since the stimuli come from the brain, and the technology must be able to calculate that stimuli. In the meantime, the prosthetic hands, as other prostheses are revolutionizing the lives of users.

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