The Need to Minimize Pain After Knee Replacement Surgery in Plano, TX

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Health

A patient who needs to schedule knee replacement surgery in Plano, TX, may be very worried about pain after the operation. Perhaps he or she has a low tolerance for pain. Even minimally invasive replacement procedures result in a lengthy recovery time during which discomfort can be significant. The patient may want to seek a surgeon with an organization dedicated to managing and minimizing pain.

Doctors want to ensure that recovery from knee replacement surgery in Plano, TX, as comfortable as possible. When consulting the surgeon before the operation, patients should not hesitate to discuss their worries about severe pain and their problems dealing with it.

Patients should have good control over their knee pain after surgery so they can become mobile more rapidly. Mobility reduces the amount of time needed for recovery. It also helps prevent complications, including blood clots. Instead of lying in bed most of the day, they sit upright in a chair. Lying in bed too much is a risk factor for pneumonia.

When pain is effectively managed, patients are better able to stand and walk. They participate fully in physical therapy sessions. Ongoing severe pain leads to frustration with these sessions and lower compliance. Patients may become depressed and hostile. Yet the point of the surgery is to help patients regain physical disabilities and eliminate their chronic discomfort. They should never have to feel disappointed with the results.

One organization dedicated to pain management for all patients, including those who plan on knee replacement surgery, is represented at the website .

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