The Importantance Of Child Immunization In San Antonio, Texas

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Health Care

Every parent needs to be aware of how important vaccines are. Vaccines prevent the spread of major diseases like polio, hepatitis and diphtheria. In fact, world-wide immunizations have almost erased some diseases like polio. Theories exist that question the safety of immunizations. However, parents need to discuss any concerns with the pediatrician. Children routinely receive HIB vaccine. HIB is a bacteria that causes diseases like meningitis. There used be thousands of HIB cases each year in the U.S. A vaccine was developed in 1980 and today there are less than 100 cases a year.

Doctors continue to immunize children because thousands of immigrants enter the U.S. each year. The immigrants may not be vaccinated. However, immunized children will be protected from the spread of any disease. Visit a Pediatrician for child immunization in San Antonio Texas. If you do not know a doctor, check the internet. Find a website and click where it says about us. Make an appointment to learn the doctor’s philosophy about vaccines. Be forewarned that infants may have slight side effects after vaccines. These include swelling and redness. Some babies get a low-grade fever and Tylenol is recommended as a preventative.

Child Immunization in San Antonio Texas continue for years. Most doctors follow the government-recommended vaccine schedule. Most vaccines are given to babies but others may be necessary later on. An example would be the quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine or MenACWY. Children should have the vaccine at 11 or 12 and a booster shot at 16. Additionally, children need the DTAP vaccine in their pre-teen years. DTAP protects against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Interestingly, some children have to avoid vaccines. These children include those with cancer and immune system problems. Those taking oral or injected steroids may have to avoid vaccines, as well.

Parents should start an immunization record when a child is young. This record comes in handy for years to come. Of course, one will always be able to get a copy of the medical records. The record will be needed each time a child enters a new school. In fact, colleges and universities ask to see the shot record. The record proves that your child will not endanger others.

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