The Importance of STD Testing in Anderson OH After an Assault

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Health

Sexual assault is a nightmare for the victims, and sadly, that nightmare is likely to continue for several months as the person waits to make sure health has not been compromised. The offender might have had a sexually transmitted disease, and that could affect the victim. STD Testing in Anderson OH can be done quickly to rule out or diagnose certain diseases, but others require a waiting period before the diagnosis will be an accurate one. In addition, the patient is advised to have further testing for HIV, since that may be slow to manifest in the blood.

Women and men both can be the victims of sexual assault, and both need STD Testing in Anderson OH afterward. Men do not have all the risks that women do. For instance, they cannot develop cervical cancer, which is a risk for women exposed to the human papillomavirus, or HPV. There still is no approved test to diagnose HPV in men. Women are susceptible to developing pelvic inflammatory disease if they are exposed to chlamydia. Nevertheless, it’s crucial that men be tested for the various kinds of infections, even if they are not vulnerable to certain health problems. If infected, they can pass those illnesses on to other sexual partners.

It may be advisable for the person to receive vaccinations for HPV and hepatitis after sexual assault. Initial antibiotic treatments often are provided, since those treatments will kill syphilis and gonorrhea. Tests to identify markers for genital warts and syphilis should be repeated within two months, and the doctor is likely to advise a third test for warts. HIV testing generally is performed a total of four times, with the final test at six months. Fortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control, it is very rare for someone to contract HIV after an assault by someone with the disease.

These tests are all very stressful for the person who has suffered an assault. Waiting to learn whether an infection has developed is nerve-wracking. The patient needs a compassionate practitioner with a clinic such as Eastside Urgent Care, where he or she can maintain dignity and deal with the emotional trauma of the ordeal.

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