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The Importance Of Having A Good Lasik Doctor

Are you interested in getting Lasik surgery? If so, then you probably have heard a lot about it and how it can make a huge improvement in the way you are able to see. Lasik surgery used to have a lot of requirements before you could be a good candidate for undergoing the procedure, but at a certain Lasik clinic, the laser technology is so highly advanced that there is a much higher possibility of being eligible to get this treatment. If you have had a steady eye prescription for something such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or stigmatism, as well as filling general health requirements and being over 18, then you are probably a good candidate! Here are some things to find out from your Lasik doctor to bring you ultimate peace of mind before having this procedure done.

What To Ask Your Lasik Doctor

When you want to get Lasik surgery, you will first schedule a free consultation with a Lasik doctor. Before you go, make sure you know which questions you should ask the doctor, to get you all the information you need to know. Some information you may want to know includes:

-How long will the surgery take? – If you have a busy schedule, then knowing how much time this procedure will take out of your day is highly important.

-Will I be able to drive after surgery? – You will be able to drive the day after surgery, but what about when you are going home after getting Lasik surgery? You need to know whether or not you should ask a friend or family member to drive you to and from the clinic.

-How should I prepare for the surgery on the day that it is scheduled?

-What activities should I refrain from after surgery and for how long?

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