The Different Types of Elderly Care in Sebastian, FL

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Assisted Living

Adult children have to decide on the right elderly care for senior parents. They can choose from a variety of facilities, such as assisted living communities, retirement homes and nursing homes. The type of Elderly Care in Sebastian, FL to choose depends on the condition of your elderly parent.

Assisted living homes provide a limited amount of assistance and care for their residents. Residents are usually able to live and function on their own, but may need help with daily tasks. The ideal candidate of this facility is someone who can live independently with limited care, but unable to live alone because of the risk of falling or needing help with health related problems. Assisted living does not take over the entire care of residents, but assist them with maintaining their independence. They also can provide a combination of living arrangements, such as retirement living. Some facilities offer a community for retired individuals that allows residents to socialize and live together. Residents are usually allowed to live independently with minimal support.

Many seniors prefer retirement communities because it allows them to maintain their current lifestyle without many changes. The difference is that senior residents are living in housing with people in their own age group. This type of community is ideal for seniors with little to no health problems and for individuals who want to maintain an active lifestyle. On the other hand, assisted living communities are a better option for seniors who need more help. This type of facility has an activities coordinator and nurses on staff. Some facilities even work in conjunction with local senior citizen’s centers to provide daily activities. The staff can assist with needs like preparing meals, light housekeeping and offering encouragement. However, staff responsibilities tend to vary depending on the facility.

Residents have access to quality care while getting to know people in their own age group. They also have access to an emergency call system that is monitored by a 24 hour staff. Elderly Care is essential when it comes to finding the right residence for your loved one. For more details, visit The Pelican Landing Assisted Living and Memory Care today.

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