The Differences Between Urgent Care and a Family Practice in Andover Kansas

by | May 2, 2017 | Health

While many people use the terms ‘family doctor’ and ‘urgent care doctor’ interchangeably, these two kinds of doctors have different roles. Below is an explanation of the differences between an urgent care physician and a Family Practice in Andover Kansas.

Family Practice Physicians

When a person needs a routine health checkup, has a sore throat or has a cold, a family doctor is the right person to call. A family practice physician is trained to protect the health of different age groups, from infants to the elderly. Because these doctors often see patients for many years, they can offer the best in personalized, long-term care. From one’s prescription history to their current medical issues, a family doctor knows about a patient’s special needs and their lifestyle.

Urgent Care Physicians

Urgent care doctors are there for patients when the unexpected happens. They can handle a variety of non-life-threatening issues such as cuts, broken bones and sprained ankles, and they can also treat allergies, cure ear infections and do lab testing. If a person needs medical treatment quickly, an urgent care physician is there. However, in the event of a life-threatening or serious emergency, a patient should go to the nearest emergency room.

The Benefits of Choosing a Family Doctor

While urgent care physicians have their place in the medical profession, a Family Practice in Andover Kansas can provide a level of care that patients just can’t get from an urgent care center. As said earlier, family doctors sometimes see people from cradle to grave, which gives these physicians unique insight into a person’s medical history and conditions. A family doctor can help patients save time as well because everyone in the family can get medical treatment in the same place.

See a Family Doctor For Prompt, Competent Treatment

There are many differences between urgent care and family medical services, and the best thing is to find a doctor who offers all of these services in one place. To find out more about urgent care and family medical treatment, visit the website of Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC or call the office today to set up an appointment.

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