The Benefits of Using Ketamine in Psychotherapy Treatments in Denver

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Psychologist

For those who are suffering from severe depression, PTSD, or other mental disorders, any resolution can seem like it is quite far away. However, huge advancements have been made in the field of treatment by incorporating ketamine therapies in Denver, CO into the plan. There are many benefits to doing so.


Clinical research has shown that ketamine has a very strong success rate at treating depression. Over two-thirds of patients who undergo ketamine treatment show significant improvement in their depression. This is by far the highest success rate for any treatment currently being used in any other counseling center in Denver, CO.

Improve Open-Mindedness

While it is true that ketamine is a mind-altering drug, it also works to alter the open-mindedness that patients feel towards their jobs, relationships, and simply life in general. After undergoing ketamine therapies in Denver, CO, they are more susceptible to looking at things from a different perspective and trying new approaches to solve old problems.

Better Able To Process Traumas

Patients who enter into treatment and use ketamine as prescribed by their doctor have reported that they find it much easier to understand and deal with their past traumas than they were able to without using ketamine. Success rates at a counseling center in Denver, CO show a lot of promise when it comes to this cutting-edge therapy.

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