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The Benefits of Seeing One of the Physical Therapists in Bay Shore, NY

Physical therapy can be used to manage medical conditions that limit mobility and range of motion. People often see one of the physical therapists in Bay Shore, NY, after they suffer an injury. Physical therapy is also popular among people who have a disability. There are several ways that you can benefit from seeing a physical therapist.

Reduce Pain

Pain is often the symptom of a chronic condition or injury. Pain can be debilitating and can ruin your life. Physical therapy can alleviate pain. Manual therapy and therapeutic exercises have been shown to be very effective for alleviating pain.

Avoid Surgery

In some cases, surgery may be necessary. However, people who see

physical therapists in Bay Shore, NY, are less likely to need surgery. Physical therapy encourages the body to heal on its own by increasing mobility and blood flow. If you do have to get surgery, then you will be able to heal faster if you receive physical therapy beforehand.

Improve Your Balance

Your fall risk will be assessed before you get physical therapy. If you are at a high-risk for falling, then your physical therapist will have you do exercises that improve your balance. They will also have you do exercises at home.

Recover From a Stroke

It is common for people to lose their mobility after a stroke. However, physical therapy can help you recover. If you are interested in physical therapy, then you can contact Rehabilitation Medicine of South Shore.

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